About Us

Mission Statement:

To bring an environmentally-responsible approach to clean and maintain your property’s elegance and appeal.


Proudly Family Owned and Operated!

With over 35 years of property maintenance and power washing experience, Anchor Facility Services LLC delivers an exceptional level of quality work to satisfy customers throughout all of Southeastern Pennsylvania and Central/Southern New Jersey.

You deeply care about your home and property staying clean and maintained over time to fight off mother nature’s harsh elements - that is why we are here to help. Our goal is to assist with the maintenance of your home, business, or any property you deeply care about - all while saving you money from costly repairs and being the most efficient in the industry.

We offer multiple services including hot, high-pressure power washing, soft washing, demolition debris removal, property maintenance cleanup, and more. Our technicians are skilled and take pride in treating your property with care and respect in order to preserve your property’s appeal for years to come.

Get Top Quality Power Washing, Soft Washing and Property Maintenance Services with Anchor